About "The VO Mob"

A family of professional voiceover artists got together recently (Promax Station Summit-Vegas 2018) and started comparing notes. Our summation?....This business has gotten way too impersonal. We VO talent have come to refer to our studios as “sensory deprivation chambers”.  Many PDs and CSDs have become disillusioned as well and are accustomed to asking nothing more from their VO talent than “cookie-cutter” copy. They’re not being afforded the luxury of enjoying their jobs as much as they should be able to by the talent. Why? Most new “VO talent” aren’t aware of our industry as it existed prior to unsupervised sessions and emailed .mp3 files. Effective voiceover and promotion takes a LOT more than just a kick-ass voice. CSDs and PDs just don’t expect a VO talent to go the extra mile anymore. It seems this mediocrity has, sadly, become the standard. Sure, there’s plenty of creativity we veterans of voice-over can and do muster after several years in radio/TV (and in most cases, 20+ years of professional VO)...BUT...what happened to the FUN??!! We remember live ISDN VO sessions with CSDs and PDs during which so much was adlibbed. We didn’t just “read” copy. We got to know those we worked with on a more personal and creative level and the final product was always so much more entertaining and satisfying. Listeners and viewers pick up on that kind of passion. If everyone involved truly enjoys what they are producing everyday...it will show! Real creativity grabs people by the hair and makes them truly take notice...and they remember!

So...as a group of guys and gals who care AND know what we’re doing...we’re going to bring back some of the best aspects of the way things used to be. Get ready to understand the meaning of being “super-served”. Get ready to enjoy imaging again! THAT is the MISSION and PLEDGE of the “VO MOB”!