Steve Stone

Represented by:

Atlas Talent Agency


Steve is a founding member of the VO Mob and has an imposing resume in the world of Radio Imaging voice-over.  Impressively, Steve, in his earlier days was a radio imaging producer. Working all over the country from California to Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and finally landing at the legendary 92.3 K-Rock in New York!  As a veteran of both sides of the glass, Steve has a keen ear for what radio stations want in the way of delivery, image AND service.  In addition, he has the reputation of being one of the most professional GENTLEMEN in the business.  Steve's creativity isn't limited to voice-over excellence.  His love and passion for the radio and production arena has led to his creating his OWN imaging elements library...The "Steve Stone - Sonic Survival Kits"!!  Give V1 a listen below!

Working from his private home studio, Steve provides audio via ipDTL, ISDN and any audio format desired.

Steve is currently represented by Atlas Talent (New York & Los Angeles).  For bookings or more information, please contact one of his agents at (212) 730-4500.

Also, visit Steve’s website at

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